Week 10 Discussion

Prewriting and Inquiry

The major project for this third unit of the course asks you to return to a concept you read about in Unit 2, code switching; you will first explore this concept further and then write an argument or persuasive essay about it. This type of assignment is typical of the Humanities and will offer you experience in writing for a new audience.

For this Discussion assignment, you will begin this project by identifying what you already know about code switching and you start exploring the various facets of this issue. This process, often called “inquiry” in Writing Studies, will help you determine the focus of your paper and ultimately the argument or thesis that will ground your paper.

To complete this Discussion, please submit a post that does the following:

  • Lists all the things you already know about code switching: what did you learn about the term in Unit 2, what personal experiences have you had with it, what other information do you already possess? You can do this in an informal style.
  • Identifies a few (2-3) questions that you have about code switching: What would you like to learn more about? What do you have questions about? What concerns pique your interest? Refer to the prewriting strategies from this week for help generating ideas.
  • Notes a few (2-3) topics related to code switching that you are interested in writing about.
    • Try to be specific when considering topics. 
    • For instance, perhaps you are interested in the linguistic elements of code switching or you are wondering what code switching looks like in the Arab-American community or you want to investigate how code switching helps students of color navigate home and school expectations.
  • Identifies some key terms that you will use within the library databases to help you find more information about these topics. Use your possible topic ideas to help you determine which key terms you will use to search for academic sources about these topics.
  • Identifies three library databases where you will use these search terms and begin your research process. Use your possible topic ideas to help you determine which key terms you will use to search for academic sources about these topics.

Once you have posted your work, respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts. In your responses, offer feedback about their plans; you might suggest another key term or two, offer an additional topic related to the ones they have listed, tell them about a database you particularly like, etc. Please be helpful and specific; each of your responses should be at least a paragraph long.

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