Week 5 Discussion

Preparing the Final Submission

This week you read about and reviewed strategies for getting the final draft of a paper or a project ready for submission. For this Discussion Board post, detail the steps you took to prepare the final draft of your Research Process Project. Specifically, explain the following:

  • How did you address global/higher order concerns? What revision and editing strategies did you employ? What questions did you ask as you worked on your final revision?
  • How did you address local/lower order concerns? What specific revision and editing strategies (from those offered in this week’s readings and resources) did you employ?
  • What changes did you make, both on a global and on a local level?
  • Finally, offer two quotes, one from the Carillo reading and one from the Lewis reading, that helped you more fully understand the processes of revision, reflection, and editing.

You do not need to respond to your classmates’ posts this week.

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