Week 6 Discussion

Considering Audience

For this Discussion, consider the many ways you shift your writing or speaking when you encounter different audiences. For instance, do you use one tone when talking to your supervisor and another when talking to your coworkers? Do you use different writing conventions when you text a close friend as opposed to when you write an email to your professor? Does a Discussion post look different than a final, formal draft of an Annotated Bibliography? All of these alterations are an example of attending to audience and genre; they are proof that effective communication adheres to genre conventions and audience expectations.

For this post, consider ways you adjust to audience and genre expectations and write a post of at least two full paragraphs that addresses the following questions:

  • How do you shift your writing from class to class, audience to audience, situation to situation? 
  • Provide two examples of this shift and explain why you choose to make this alteration—what audience or genre expectations were you writing toward? 

After you have submitted your initial post, read and respond to the posts of at least two other students. Within your responses, do your best to fully engage with their posts by responding to a specific point they made.

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