Week 8

About this week

Last week you analyzed your primary data. This week you will use your data and analysis to construct a first draft of a portion of your Social Science Research Report: the introduction and methods sections. As a result, the readings are lighter this week and there are no supplementary assignments. Take advantage of this and focus your efforts on writing up the introduction and methods sections of your Social Science Research Report. Near the end of the week you will also share your drafts with your class colleagues and participate in peer review.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review and apply the structure of the Social Science Research Report
  • Learn about and participate in peer review

Task List:

  1. Consume this week’s required readings and media
  2. Write a draft of your introduction and methods sections so that you can participate on the Discussion
  3. Participate in Discussion #8: Drafting the SSRR Introduction and Methods Sections and Conducting Peer Review

Required Readings

  • Peer Review: This resource offers an overview of the peer review process and explains how it can be helpful to you as you work on a writing project. Please watch the two embedded videos included here.
  • SSRR: the Introduction and SSRR: Methods: These sources provide a detailed discussion about how to construct the introduction and methods sections of your Social Science Research Report (SSRR). However, since your SSRR is based on a very limited study, these sections of your report will be shorter and simpler versions of what you read about here. 
  • How to Write Meaningful Peer Response Praise: Read this article to learn about how you can offer useful feedback to your classmates.

Diving Deeper

  • SSRR Sample: Refer back to the Sample SSRR (originally introduced in Week 6) to get a general sense of what your introduction and methods sections should look like.
  • Get assistance with your writing! SPS offers two kinds of tutoring in writing: individual tutoring sessions with the SPS Writing Fellows and through tutor.com. Find out more about both by clicking the tutoring link on the left navigation menu.


Post your Peer Review on This Week’s Discussion Board

After you’ve reviewed the above materials, head to this week’s discussion. Respond to the prompt by Thursday at 11:59pm. Then read the comments posted by your classmates and respond to at least two of them by Sunday at 11:59pm. Do your best to fully engage with their posts by responding to a specific point they made. For more information, see the discussion rubric on the Rubrics page.