Week 14

About this week

This is the first week of the final unit, Unit 4: Reflective Writing: Your Writing Process—Where You Started and Where You Are Going. As such, this week you will focus on looking back at all the work you have done for the course, namely Projects 1-3, and then you will specifically consider ways you might revise Projects 1 and 2. Optional (but strongly encouraged) revisions of these projects are due at the end of this week. Additionally, in a Low-Stakes Assignment you will also identify the local and global aspects of your writing that you have improved this semester. These kinds of considerations will prepare you for the final project of the course, Project 4: Critical Self-Reflection. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand and implement reflective writing strategies
  • Understand and implement revision strategies

Task List:

  1. Consume this week’s required readings and media
  2. Review Project #4
  3. Submit Low-Stakes Assignment #9: Self-Reflection Project Planning
  4. Optional: submit revisions of Projects 1 and 2

Required Readings

Review Project 4: The Critical Self-Reflection

LSA 9: Self-Reflection Project Planning

ENG-101-LSA-9 (138KB)Download

This assignment is essentially the start of your final project for this course, the Critical Self-Reflection, and is meant to help you prepare for the final draft which is due at the end of Week 15. Take your time with it and truly consider these questions—the more work you do here, the better prepared you will be next week, as you draft the final version.

See the assignment sheet, LSA-9, above for the full assignment instructions. Due by Sunday, 11:59pm.

Optional: Submit a Revision of Project #1

Optional: Submit a Revision of Project #2