Week 4

About this Week

This week you will continue to work with the sources you found for your Project 1. Last week you annotated and reflected on those sources; this week you will put them in conversation with one another by mapping them in relation to themes, perspectives, and main points that connect to your research topic. You will also continue to practice APA format by submitting a title page and a references page for Project 1: The Research Process.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how sources work in conversation with one other
  • Compare and synthesize your sources
  • Practice APA title page and reference page format

Task List:

  1. Consume this week’s required readings and media
  2. Participate in Discussion #4: APA Format: Title page and References page
  3. Submit Low-Stakes Assignment #4: Source Map

Required Readings & Media

All of the following sources have alphabetic text and embedded videos. Please review all four of these sources closely; they will help you understand the very important concept of an “academic conversation” and they will help you plan how to determine the conversation taking place among the sources you found.

Materials on APA format

  • APA Style Workshop, which provides an overview of APA formatting style
  • APA Title Page, for instructions about formatting your title page and a example of what a title page should look like/how it should be formatted 
  • APA In-Text Citations, for how to cite sources (quotes or paraphrases) within a paper or project
  • APA References, for information about how to cite a variety of electronic sources on the References page
  • APA Sample Student Paper, which shows you what the student version (as opposed to the professional version) of an APA paper should like/how it should be formatted


Diving Deeper

Week 4 Discussion

After you’ve reviewed the above materials, head to this week’s discussion. Respond to the prompt by Thursday at 11:59pm. Then read the comments posted by your classmates and respond to at least two of them by Sunday at 11:59pm. Do your best to fully engage with their posts by responding to a specific point they made. For more information, see the discussion rubric on the Rubrics page.

LSA 4: Source Map

ENG-101-LSA-4 (125KB)Download

For this fourth LSA, you will map out the academic conversation taking place between the three sources you wrote about in your Reflective Annotated Bibliography. By doing this, you will be engaging with your sources more fully and developing points that could be included in a draft of your Research Paper (if you were going to write one). In other words, this assignment is another step in the research and writing process.

To complete this assignment, you can use whatever format works best for you:

  • you could write it out in paragraph or bulleted form;
  • you could create a visual map using bubbles and/or boxes; 
  • you use Google Slides or PowerPoint to organize your work. 

See the assignment sheet, LSA-4, above for the full assignment instructions. Due by Sunday, 11:59pm.