Week 8 Discussion

Drafting the SSRR Introduction and Methods Sections and Conducting Peer Review

This Discussion Board assignment has two parts: 

  • first, you need to upload a draft of your SSRR’s introduction and methods sections;
  • second, you need to read and respond to two of your classmates’ drafts. 

Part I: SSRR Introduction and Methods, due Thursday. To complete this part of the DB, you need to draft both the introduction and methods sections of your SSRR. These will be submitted as one discussion board post. 

Follow these guidelines when drafting the introduction:

  • It should be about 1 double-spaced page (250 words);
  • It needs to introduce the topic of your study (what you examined about your language use–the specific aspect you focused on);
  • It needs to contextualize your study within existing research; 
    • this section should be drawn from the work you did in Week 7;
    • this information should comprise the bulk of this section;
  • It needs to provide a brief overview of the research you conducted and your analysis of that research;
    • This should only be a sentence or two. Simply state what you did (the research you conducted) and what you found (the main analytical claim you are making about this data).

Follow these guidelines when drafting the methods section:

  • This section should be one to two paragraphs long;
  • It needs to review (in detail) how you collected your data and how you analyzed this data.
    • However–do not include the actual analysis in this section. Only explain how you analyzed it (by placing it in context with other studies and existing literature on the topic).

And remember: you can also receive one-on-one tutoring in writing to help you with this project or any other writing project for this course or others–see the resources in the Weekly Folder!

Submit these sections as one DB post; this post is due on Thursday.

Part II: Peer Review, due Sunday. After you have submitted your initial post, read and respond to the posts of two other students. Respond to those students who have not yet received 2 pieces of feedback. In your responses, answer the following questions:

  • Are both sections included (introduction and methods)?
  • Are they approximately the correct length (intro. 1 page; methods 1-2 paragraphs)?
  • Name one or two requirements (from the list of guidelines above) that the introduction does well and explain why.
  • Name one  or two requirements (again from the list above) that you think need to be revised or added. Be specific and offer detailed advice.

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