Week 12 Discussion

Draft 1 of Project 3 and Peer Review

For this assignment you need to do the following:

First, share with group members a complete draft of Project 3, the Argument or Persuasive Essay, by Thursday. Remember to include a title page, reference page, APA page numbers, format, and in-text citations.

Then, read and respond to the drafts of your group members (see groups below) by Sunday. 

  • Use the “Project 3 Peer Response Template” to offer careful and critical feedback to these classmates. 
  • Answer the questions fully; be critical but kind and be specific: explain what you think the writer should add, delete, change, etc. 
  • ALSO—before you participate in this peer review, make sure you review the two peer review resources offered this week.

Peer Review Groups:

Group 1: TBA

Group 2: TBA

Group 3: TBA

Group 4: TBA

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