Week 12

About this week

As you work on composing your first full draft of Project 3 this week, you will also learn how to successfully incorporate sources into your prose and how you can add style to academic writing. You will submit a full draft of Project 3 and then read and respond critically to some of your classmates’ drafts. Drafting and receiving feedback is an essential part of the writing process, so please take your time with the peer reviews and do your best to offer thoughtful, detailed, and constructive comments.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about and practice integrating sources
  • Understand ways to maintain your voice while also citing research
  • Learn about and incorporate elements of style into academic writing
  • Understand and participate in peer review

Task List:

  1. Consume this week’s required readings and media
  2. Participate in the Peer Review discussion

Required Readings

Required Media

Integration of sources in paragraphs (Duration: 5:37)

Diving Deeper

Peer Review Template


Week 12 Discussion

For this assignment you need to first post your complete draft of Project 3, the Argument or Persuasive Essay, and you will then read and respond to the drafts of two of your classmates. Before you participate in this peer review, however, make sure you review the two peer review resources offered this week.

To complete this assignment, do the following:

By Sunday: upload a full draft of Project 3. Remember to include a title page, reference page, APA page numbers, format, and in-text citations.

By next Thursday: carefully read the drafts that your peer group members have uploaded and offer them feedback. Use the “Project 3 Peer Response Template” to offer careful and critical feedback to these classmates.  

Make sure you answer the questions fully; be critical but kind. And be specific: explain what you think the writer should add, delete, change, etc.